The Unexpected


Love, Life and Relationships can be very rewarding concepts. However, they can also be very challenging. People bring everything they are to new environments. This includes their mindset, their trauma, and their experiences. Like everything else we accomplish in life, how much we put into it, or take away from it, has an impact. Many of us, lead our relationships and love life, with who we are and what we know. What if we are hurt people?
What if we are pessimistic? What if we don’t know what being “there” for someone really looks like. We bring that all to the relationship. On any journey, it is imperative to surround yourself with people who will “clap for you,” cheer you on, visit you and never tell you to give up on the positive.  Like most things in life, NONE of us know what we’re getting into until we’re actually in it.  We also don’t know what tools we need until we NEED them, hence the Unexpected…

The experience with love and relationships, is like buying a house. The walkthrough is always nice but only AFTER moving in, will you become more familiar with the home’s sounds, the neighborhood, and all that comes with it. The aftermath can either make you proud to be a homeowner or make you realize that homeownership isn’t for you.

When I started this blog, I was married. My marriage came to an end fall 2019. I didn’t expect that. However, my vision, expertise, or “know-hows” has not changed. My insight has actually evolved.  We can make an abundance of plans in our lifetime, because making plans breeds security. However, the moments or experiences that we do not plan for are the critical ones. These are the ones that breeds character.  No matter what unexpected things come your way, the idea is to learn great lessons along the way. Let me share some of my personal and clinical lessons with you…(posts are best followed from reading earliest to most recent)

One thought on “The Unexpected

  1. From start to finish that was a brutal read. Fake toast, mother in law betrayal, husband in your stuff, a ex-wife of your husband that stalks you, poor relationship with your moms and you are not kid friendly.
    Thank God and glory to the heavens that your father due to not being mentioned is the sole survivor and last man standing ….. GRADE A .. FOR TRUTH AND HONESTY.


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