Living Alone & Keeping a Social Distance

With the world taking precautions to avoid the spread of Covid-19, many of us are in a state of panic. We’re worried about contracting the virus if we step outside; worried that we can’t see our friends or loved ones as often as we are use to, or concerned about the pressures of keeping distracted, running a household, managing and educating children, keeping a stock of food, while the government figures all this out.

Here’s a twist: What if there are no children to keep you distracted? Or a spouse to cook for or entertain you while you “Tik Tok” to your favorite songs? What if your friends and family are located in another state or town? What if, it is just you? You’ve defined yourself by your career, a career that now encourages you to work from home. You find solace in the social life and the “turn-up” with strangers because you are just that confident in your “single” strut. What has keeping a “social distance” done to you?

While the latter may sound lonely, dreadful or even sad, it is not; neither does it have to be. There is something special about someone who is comfortable in their skin. More importantly, there is something brave about one who can stand by themselves, and create a safe space with their aura.

Here are 5 ways to embrace living alone while keeping a social distance…

1. Catch up on rest

If you’re a “mover” and a “shaker” such as myself, chances are you sacrifice good rest. Take this time to get sleep, move slow on purpose, stay in the bed and let the phone ring. Take your time to respond to crisis. The upside to all this is, no one is going anywhere, any time soon and there is absolutely nothing you can do about a problem you don’t own.

2. Binge watch good television

If your career is everything, you may not spend time a lof of time watching television. Or if you’re like me, you start a season of a show, that looks interesting, then you forget about it. Take this time to indulge in a show you’ve never seen before. There’s something about watching a good show from beginning to end, without commercials that makes it better than seeing it when it first aired. So far, I’ve enjoyed,  “All American” and “Little Fires Everywhere…”

3. Get physically fit

With fitness centers closing, limited mobility to and from, those muscles can get real stiff and the parts of you that were once flexible,  may not bend as well anymore, if you sit too long. Get up and move! There are plenty of workout routines and physical trainers online who can get that heart rate pumping. They can also help you maintain that strength and endurance without leaving your home. Take advantage!

4. Flirt online

Since you can’t go to the party, let the party come to you. Show up to any live DJ session on social media and flirt with another single. Send that extra “kissy face emoji, the eye wink, and “heart” a photo or two. Let someone of your liking, stroke your ego as well. Play a game of “Questions” or chat back and forth about all the things that make you smile. We are all in this together. Who’s to say, you can’t find friendship in chaos?

5. Learn a new skill

I don’t care how talented you are, there will always be a skill you don’t have. Take this take time while keeping a social distance to learn something new.  Make-up tutorials, crocheting, a new meal recipe, making candles, changing motor oil, are all good skills to master right now because everyone seems to be closed. 😉

This post was written to provide insight  on ways to embrace living alone while keeping a social distance.

Nya B is an author, mental health clinician, speaker and adjunct instructor in Behavioral Health and Sciences. To learn more, follow her on IG @author_nya_b or check out her website at

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